Plans + Progress

The building.

Built in the 1950s as a filling station along the main road, today’s State Highway 522, and added to in the 70s, it’s been the Chamber of Commerce, a coffee shop, a thrift store, an artist’s studio, a day care, and a home.

Phase I ~ Movement, Music and Co-Work Space (Winter 2018-2019)
Renovation is underway (see progress below) to make a space for yoga, music events and expressive arts, and other community uses.

The smallest room, updated in April 2018 with energy efficient lighting and a few other touches, will soon be used by collaborating non-profit projects, LEAP and Questa Farmers Market, programs of Localogy, to hold meetings, and share a Co-work space. In this way, La Sala is a creativity multiplier; a space for cross-pollination and supporting greater community work.

We don’t know when Phase I will be complete. Eventually, Yoga Sala, currently operating at beautiful OCHO, a massage and healing space in Questa, will move in.

Stay tuned for our Kickstarter campaign. We’ll lay it all out for you.

Phase II ~ Commercial Kitchen
Although we’ve begun to amass some commercial kitchen equipment, this phase of renovation happens next, after the yoga-movement-music space is functional. However, the groundwork is being laid, which included removing a dirt roof and laying new insulation over the future kitchen room and the co-work space.

The process.

Building acquired February 26, 2018.

March to mid-April 2018: Renovation in one of the small rooms – making a space for music and a resident Yamaha grand piano before the big yoga-music-movement room is completed.

September 1, 2018: Inaugural cello, violin, and piano concert was held with a full house in attendance.

September 3, 2018: Careful demolition. Old, tiny rooms (formerly the gas station bathrooms, converted into closets) were removed to make room for new heating system ~ an efficient boiler system that will feed wall radiators.

And, now, more room for the future commercial kitchen . . .

September 29, 2018: Opening up the yoga/movement/music space to make more room! Support beam will be shifted about 4′ west (to its former location) to open up the floor plan.

October 30, 2018: Making a theater-for-a-night to show “Coco,” (animated Disney/Pixar film focused on Day of the Dead).

November 2, 2018: Dia de los Muertos ~ Day of the Dead, our community celebration! More . .

November 29, 2018: Odin Rathnam performs at Questa Chamber Music Concert

January 2019: New windows and relocating a support beam.

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