La Sala – supporting a culture of health. Our studio is temporarily closed due to COVID-19 requirements, but we are offering online workshops and classes. Please sign up for our news to receive updates.

Our Fundraising Campaign through Kickstarter wrapped-up successfully on August 23, 2019; thank you!

What we are making:

~ home for yoga, music and expressive arts
~ a comfortable, beautiful, safe and accessible space
~ an energy efficient and durable building
~ a garden
~ a nonprofit program, Sala Reach

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Why the name?

Across languages, sala refers to special places.
With it’s many meanings it contains the intention for our space in Questa.

~ Living room or dance hall
~ Sheltering place, sheltering sala trees
~ Community space or house

sala tree and blossom

The word sala appears in languages in Asia, Europe, Africa and beyond. It corresponds to the Sanskrit word śālā – a shelter or gathering place. Lines of poetry reference Sala trees; sheltering trees with beautiful and potent blossoms. In Spanish, sala means living room, another way to describe what we intend. Our vision is to support a culture of health and well being by building a comfortable space to be together.