Dia de los Muertos 2018 in photos

We celebrated Day of the Dead on November 2, hosting music, art making and a feast. We thought you might enjoy reflecting on the evening through these photographs, courtesy of Nova Photography. They beautifully capture the spirit of the night.

“Sometimes I’m overwhelmed when I think of how many people have ever been on this planet and the tiny fraction of them that are actually remembered to this day. Even two, three generations down the road, it’s easy to start forgetting. So memory has a spiritual dimension in that way to me….My grandmother who I was deeply close to, I remember her deeply every day. And when I go, probably no one’s going to remember her in that way again. So for the next few decades, her memory is still, in a sense, life after death.”
~ Dario Robleto 

The essence of Dia de los Muertos is to honor loved ones with celebration and meaningful actions. The act of remembering may bring joy and healing. Day of the Dead has spread across the world and this celebration in Questa was our 4th annual.

Much gratitude! We look forward to hosting this special gathering in 2019.

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